Best Places To Bring A Date in Dubai

Best Places To Bring A Date in Dubai

Dubai has several ideal places for you and your significant other to spend quality time together. For those who are in love, the city is full of romantic spots.

Feast your eyes on spectacular skylines and stunning waves, tickle your taste buds with delicious culinary delights, or simply explore in-depth the exotic desert.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a long romantic walk under the stars, some beach adventure, or a flirtatious night in a jazz lounge in Al Barsha!

Spend Some Romantic Moments At The Kite Beach

 If you and you’re partner are not particularly fans of the laidback typical romantic dinner and would rather go on a beach adventure like surfing, jet skiing and more, then do so at The Kite Beach, Dubai.

This beach is a one-stop spot for shopping, water fun, sports, and amazing food choices, making it a very desirable place for your date.

Come to the beach in the morning to play a variety of sports, from volleyball to tennis, and relax in the afternoon on the beach.

You can enjoy a plethora of water sports offered here from surfing to kite surfing, from parasailing to wake-boarding, and finally, relax at night as you enjoy some of Dubai’s most delectable fast food at The Kite Beach.

Experience Outdoor Bliss at the Dubai Miracle Garden Botanical Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden has a variety of flowers, amazing topiaries, and everything you need for a lovely afternoon walk with your special someone. 

This is the dream date for lovers to get to know each other as they can stroll, talk and admire the world’s largest flower arrangement (according to the Guinness Book of World Records) around the Dubai Miracle Garden.

A few vendors are also present in the area so you two can grab a quick snack.

Indulge in Food, Shopping, and Rides at Global Village

The global village is an all-time favorite destination in Dubai and it’s a spot that nobody feels homesick. Roam around the world and visit places you never thought you’d be able to visit together! You can discover different cultures, cuisines, and activities in just one place.

This is also a cool place for a worldwide photo op! The Global Village also has a carnival with rides and attractions for those who want a little more fun after their leisurely stroll around the mall. 

Visit The Dubai Opera For Some Fancy Entertainment

There may be nothing more romantic and fancier than dressing up and going with your date to the opera. The Dubai Opera is one of Dubai’s most beautiful buildings, presenting some of the world’s largest performances.

Musicals such as Les Miserables and operas such as La Boheme have been held in the venue, making it an excellent place for those who enjoy art and music, as well as those who are looking for a glamorous date experience.

Relax And Go On A Spa Date

For lovers looking to relax together and feel refreshed, you can visit one of Dubai’s luxurious spas Around the city, there are hundreds of hotels and resorts with suites for couples including massages, hot tubs, saunas, and more. This is the best date not only for those who want to pamper their loved ones but also for themselves.

Signature Hotel offers one of the area’s finest spa experiences. Guests can relax at the spa with an outdoor swimming pool and a health club offering a variety of treatments for beauty and wellness. There is also a fitness center and sauna available.

Have A Romantic Dinner At Clavichord

The city has a range of cafes and restaurants with a romantic atmosphere and beautiful views that are perfect for a romantic night with your date.

The Clavichord is not easy to find like a hidden gem nestled at the Hotel Somewhere in Barsha Heights (Tecom).

The bar and jazz lounge in Al Barsha is packed with comfortable leather seats and attentive staff with a beautifully decorated and a relaxed atmosphere.

The drinks selection is broad and the bar staff are well aware of their craft, even a whiskey expert is on way to assist you through your options. Also, if you want a bite with your drink, the place also has a great food menu.

The outdoor area boasts some good seating and allows smokers to smoke as this is one of Dubai’s few bars that doesn’t allow smoking inside!

Come to The Clavichord for a relaxed drink and a romantic time with your date. 

Take a trip back in time with the beautiful sounds of classic to contemporary jazz music and live performances while enjoying a wide range of drinks and cuisines.

This very jazz lounge in Al Barsha can definitely live up to your date expectations.

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The Clavichord is a cozy jazz lounge where guests can enjoy a wide-range selection of food and beverages. There is plenty of live entertainment at the Clavichord arranged every night. Enjoy the festivities with the mouth-watering menu at the Clavichord. The place is open daily from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am

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