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LASIK Eye Surgery: Everything You Need To Know

Our eyes play such a huge role in our lives and are considered as one of the most important senses of all time. Can you imagine a world without the ability to see anything around you? A pitch dark life is something we are all afraid of and so we take immense care of our eyes, come what may. Other than experiencing complete blindness, another irritating factor that puts you on the edge is when your vision is utterly blurred. Although complete blindness isn’t usually treatable, this issue can be treated with the help of LASIK eye surgery and its risks.

LASIK eye surgery, as the name suggests uses laser technology to improve the vision of your eyes to make them experience the ability to see things clearly. This used to seem like a dream a few years ago, but with the improved technology in the medical field, your eyes can gain their vision back. But this isn’t a cakewalk surgery and as a patient, you must be extremely careful and sure about proceeding ahead with this. 

Our eyes unlike other senses are sensitive and getting something done to them like surgery will need immense thinking. The whole LASIK eye surgery plays a role where our eye specialist will see to it that you’re the right candidate for this. So, it isn’t solely your decision to get this done, the eye examination also plays a vital role to make sure your eyes are just fine. Although, you might get excited about getting this surgery done to get rid of the glasses and lens you’ve been wearing your whole life, consult our eye specialist for a proper examination. Let us go through why and what you should do after getting a LASIK eye surgery done:

Why Should You Get It Done?

Are you suffering from vision loss? Then this surgery may be the right option for you. LASIK eye surgery helps in correcting your vision by bringing back clarity. This is one of the common eye surgery people are opting for nowadays, but there are its conditions before actually getting them done. For example, as we mentioned earlier in this blog, it is necessary to get your eyes properly checked in order to see if they are in proper condition.

Our eye specialist will also ask you if you’ve experienced any eye issues before or has had any surgery done before etc. This is to keep you on the safe side so that the LASIK eye surgery doesn’t cause any side effect to your eyes. But don’t worry, if you’ve been having eye issues like myopia, hyperopia, etc, this can be the right surgery to get rid of them once and for all.

So, if you’d want to get these eye problems like hyperopia or myopia, you can opt for LASIK eye surgery which will help you gain the best results. This surgery is a short and safe procedure that has the ability to treat refractive issues which later on leads to blurred vision. 

Preparing For LASIK eye surgery

It is one of the most effective corrective methods that are in use today due to the simplicity of this surgery, unlike others. One of the reasons why it’s a simple procedure is because of the speedy recovery and very short time needed for your eyes to heal after the surgery. 

The entire surgical procedure takes up to 30 minutes max, and in some cases, there will be immediate vision change where the person will be able to see things clearly. But before proceeding with the surgery, our eye specialist will conduct an eye examination, a few days before the actual surgery to ensure that your eyes are a perfect fit for LASIK eye surgery. This is extremely important to get done to make sure that you don’t have an infection or any injury. But, if you do have the same, our eye specialist will advise you to wait till your eyes completely recover from all that and then go ahead with the surgery. This is to be done so that your eyes can respond to the changes well and thus heal. 

Although your eyes are supposed to be healthy for the surgery, so does your body. This is required as your eyes can heal quickly after the surgery and sometimes your body might not have the strength to undergo this surgery if you’re facing any illness. So, get this checked as well. Your age also plays a role in this and doctors recommend to get this done for adults only, as the eyes of the kids are too sensitive. 

Our eye specialists also claim that pregnant women are not suitable for LASIK eye surgery, because it may somehow have a different impact on the body. Our eye doctor says that during pregnancy, the body tends to undergo certain hormonal changes that may alter the shape of your cornea, so the surgery might not turn out to be successful. 

Aftercare Procedure

In order for things to work fine, we have to try hard from our side as well to make sure that everything is set straight. This applies to LASIK eye surgery too. In order to acquire the best results for your eyes and for it to be a success, you have to take care of your eyes well after the surgery. Right after the surgery is done, our eye specialist will administer a few medicines to calm down and increase the healing. In some cases, you don’t have to stay back at the clinic and can leave almost immediately after the surgery and rest your eyes at home. But in other cases, some may feel heaviness and itchiness in their eyes, which needs to be checked by our eye specialist. This isn’t unusual, but common after LASIK eye surgery. 

It is also recommended to not drive after the surgery is done, or even take a head bath so that your eyes remain unaffected. Consider taking an off from work to give your eyes complete rest for at least two days to acquire the best results. 
LASIK eye surgery is hence considered as one of the best surgeries for all your never ending vision issues. However, before actually proceeding with it, consider having a conversation with this with our eye specialist in Dubai to understand everything about this surgery.

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How to Stay Healthy In The Emirates

Living and working overseas is stressful enough, so it pays to make sure that you won’t have to worry about possible health risks as well. In this article, we will cover the most appropriate shots and vaccines that you and your family have to get and the potential health hazards in the UAE that you have to know about.

Health care has been heavily invested in, like most other industries in the UAE, and the UAE administration pays great significance to the health and well-being of its citizens and residents.

What To Keep In Mind To Stay Healthy

doctors in sharjah

General cleanliness and personal hygiene, as well as regular vaccines, can go a long way in keeping you healthy and safe from diseases in the UAE.

Extremely high temperatures often present a health risk not to be overlooked, particularly if you are not used to a hot environment.

The local wildlife and MERS, by contrast, also pose a bit of risks to the wary expat.

Here are some of the most important things that you should keep in mind to stay healthy during your stay in the Emirates.


Ensure that at least two months before your move to the Emirates, all of your regular vaccines are up to date. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises hepatitis A and B, tetanus, typhoid, or rabies vaccines if you are working outdoors, with pets, or with kids.

Make sure all your regular vaccinations are still up-to-date before moving to the UAE. These should include the vaccine for measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), polio vaccine, the vaccine for diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP), varicella (chickenpox), and more.

It is recommended that you be vaccinated against typhoid fever and hepatitis A, both of which can be caused by the consumption of infected water or food. It is also a smart idea to vaccinate against hepatitis B, and a vaccination against rabies if you are likely to have a lot of contact with animals.

Know The Numbers To Call For Emergency

If you need help urgently, you can contact the following numbers:

  • 999 for the police
  • 998 for an ambulance
  • 997 for the fire department
  • Moreover, 996 will get you in touch with Abu Dhabi’s coast guard.

It Can Get Dangerously Hot

Nothing can brace you for the Emirates Sun’s extreme heat. Although all buildings are air-conditioned, the hot and high temperatures stifle during the late summer and can exceed 50 ° C.

Sunburn, dehydration, and heatstroke among expats are prevalent. If you want to go to the beach, do it as the locals do and go in the mornings and afternoons during the summer. Never go barefoot on the beach.

The humid, “Easter” breeze at the end of the summer doesn’t make things any better too. As such, it is very important not to disregard the weather, but rather to keep a cool head and shield yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

Wear long, thin, and loose clothes when going outside. Apply sunscreen regularly and shield your head and face from the sun using a hat, scarf, or umbrella.

Outdoor physical exercise should also be limited, particularly during the day’s hottest time which is around 10 AM to 4 PM. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, drink plenty of water and consume salty snacks to help replace any salt lost while perspiring.

Also bear in mind that in high temperatures, your food and grocery can spoil much faster.

Be Mindful Of Your Prescription Drugs

Certain drugs that are authorized in your home country may be illegal in the UAE. These include Diazepam (Valium), antidepressants (SSRIs, Prozac, etc.) as well as anything that contains codeine.

If you want to take prescription medication to the UAE, ask the Ministry of Health for approval in advance and bring with you a doctor’s note. A prescription drug can be carried to the country with authorization for up to three months.

Beware of Sandstorms 

 Sandstorms and construction work dust may lead to breathing problems. When you have asthma or respiratory diseases, be mindful of this.

Nevertheless, the desert environment of the country may not only cause heat-related problems. The quantity of mineral dust particles stirred up by desert winds and other air pollutants such as construction sites is particularly high in the UAE.

Since the fine particles are particularly dangerous to those with pre-existing respiratory problems, people affected must avoid being out and about for long periods of time when high levels of air pollution are present.

Respect the Wildlife

But, it’s not just the desert sand that can cause problems. Be sure to inform yourself about the possible dangers of local wildlife before any desert excursions, and particularly if you’re camping.

Although scorpions and snakes prefer to stay away from humans as possible and many of the native species are not as poisonous, it’s always a good idea to be informed of what you might meet.

The same applies to the different species of sea snakes on the coast. While they are more dangerous than snakes that live on land, they are also not extremely aggressive if not triggered.

Beware of Ants and Other Bugs

Ants are more easily encountered and reactions to the bites of the rather violent fire ants and the more docile Samsun ants can be quite painful. In some cases, it can lead to anaphylactic shock.

The venomous redback spider in the UAE has also been spotted in several locations. Initially not native to the country, but in the hot climate, these spiders can be found not only in the desert.

Nonetheless, there is no reason to panic if you remain mindful of the environment, provide regard to the local wildlife and do not harm animals.

In the unlikely event of a bite or sting, seek immediate medical aid from doctors in medical centre sharjah, it would be ideal if you’d be able to characterize the perpetrator in detail to help medical personnel identify their exact species.

How Dangerous Is MERS?

Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) has been reported in the UAE. The disease affects the respiratory system, resulting in various symptoms including chest pain, shortness of breath, vomiting, stomach pain, and fever, which can be debilitating for those with pre-existing medical conditions in particular

Fortunately, however, the risk of MERS spreading from person to person is rather small, with known cases usually occurring only in hospital settings and requiring close contact with vulnerable people.

Because camels are believed to play a role in the transmission of MERS,  you should be sure to wash your hands thoroughly when in contact with these animals. Always avoid contact with sick camels as well as eating raw or undercooked camel meat or products.

Additional Tips for Staying Healthy

As far as your health is concerned, the UAE in general and Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s big cities in particular are safe places to travel. Nonetheless, following certain basic hygienic measures such as the following is always a great idea:

  • Make sure your hands are always washed properly.
  • To cover yourself from bug bites, using insect repellent and/or nets.
  • limit your intake of raw or undercooked fish and meat.
  • Make sure all fruit or vegetables are washed and peeled.
  • Avoid drinking water from the tap.

Final Thoughts

Although UAE health care services are excellent, in order to access anything other than basic services, you will need private international health insurance.

You can apply for a UAE Ministry of Health medical card that provides free access to basic health care in an emergency, but only if you have your health card with you.

Uninsured, if anything more serious were to happen to you or your family, you would end up with a massive medical bill.

About The Author:

Ishaq Bin Omran Medical Center (IBO) is an integrated multi-specialty health care center dedicated to providing outstanding care and attention to patients. 

The company’s mission is to provide superior personal care, provide tailored treatments and enhance the quality of life of every patient and their families.

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Fitness Advice: Straight From Our Personal Trainer In Wilmslow

Our fitness pattern always tends to go for a toss when we come across anything that tilts our head. That’s how the pattern of life works and why most of them walk in a direction that strays away from the healthy one. This isn’t technically always wrong, but being on the right track has helped many inculcate a healthy lifestyle.

Although this seems rare, people all over the world are taking this up with over a hundred commercials that encourage fitness. Some get inspired whereas some pay no heed by reverting to their usual care-free lifestyle. Practicing new techniques and different lifestyles haven’t given anyone a bad experience as far it’s a healthy one. Reaching fitness is as important as meeting new people. And if you’re an introvert, it’s as important as brushing your teeth. 

One thing astounding about this world is, there are people who are equally devoted to fitness whereas there is this other half who tries so hard to lose their track. But the question is: which side do you belong to? Most people stick between the line which is neither here nor there so that there isn’t any guilt arousing in them. But how long can we follow the same pattern over and over again? Personal trainers in Wilmslow talk about how every fitness regime is dedicated to complete hard work and how people have found it difficult to stick to it for long. Here are some fitness advice from them:

Personal trainers in Wilmslow

Learn About Your Body

This may sound way ahead of the topic compared to what is being discussed here. People always think that one can only find out about their body when there is something medically wrong with them. But this is a wrong notion. Every single human being has to learn about their body and how well it can function under circumstances. Personal trainers in Wilmslow claims that most clients they come across on a regular basis are clueless about their body and end up getting tired way too quickly. But this is completely normal. Our personal trainers in Manchester tells that every single body is unique and works differently. You have to deal with it the right way, about the client’s minds, their ability, and their similarities. 

Stick To Your Goals

People are so busy planning whether they should tone up or lose weight. But in order to accomplish any goal – you need to make sure they are specific so that you can attain success. Another thing our personal trainer in Wilmslow has noticed over the years is how easily people fall off track. They tend to lose interest down the lane when they feel they aren’t getting any better with the fitness regime. But the firstmost thing our personal trainers in Manchester will tell you is to have patience which is extremely important when it comes to fitness. As mentioned earlier, with the right set of goals, the more measurable is your success. 

Good Food

Sipping a drink for your lunch today? Get yourself a healthy lunch instead. Most people have this notion that consuming food makes you bulk up rather than mixing all that up and gulping it. This is not only wrong, but it wears you out completely. Instead of drinking a protein shake every now and then as a supplement, consider having good food that will help you stay stable and energetic. Treat your body like a machine that needs constant fueling up in order to stay in power. The result of not giving it much food would be excess fat that is going to slow you down. So, fuel away!

Focus On Your Whole Self

Our personal trainers in Wilmslow claims that almost every person they come across is more concerned about the excess fat and the shape of their different body parts. But this isn’t what you should focus on. If you want to set straight for a fitness regime, start by focusing on your whole body with the intention of improving it. By constantly being worried about the extra fat hanging, or the bulky thighs is not going to help you move forward. If you end up focusing on a particular body part by sticking to a certain exercise, then it’s going to cause imbalances and other problems. Start by training your whole body and not just the parts of it. 

Have Inner Strength

Strength doesn’t only mean physically pumping up your body- but it starts emotionally and mentally. When you have this in place, it becomes easier to set your goals and focus on them as it makes you emotionally powerful. Once you improve your strength, you will see that your fitness has improved which helps you in becoming more independent and empowered. When you have all this sorted, you will notice a shift in your body giving you the ability to work the way you want to. And in order to improve your strength, start slow by practising exercises on a regular basis. You can start with slow exercises that doesn’t drain much energy out of you, like running or swimming etc. 

Personal trainers in Wilmslow

Accept Change

It’s not necessary that the routines set for others have to work for you too. Each and every body is special in its own way and functions extremely different depending on one person to another. Some people cannot stand the idea of eating something before hitting the gym or pool. Whereas some people need to have food as it will help them work better. This is one example laid out by our personal trainers in Wilmslow on how each body functions. You can’t sit and cry about the fact how it works perfectly fine when others do it and not when it comes to you. The strength and metabolism rate differs from person to person. You can seek help from our personal trainers in Manchester to help you get through this phase by setting a training plan and diet. 

Believe In Yourself

Last but not least, in order to achieve anything in life even if it’s your fitness goals, you need to believe in yourself. Our personal trainers in Manchester says that insecurity is etched in everyone’s mind especially when things get connected to their body. But feeding fear and such insecurities will eat you up as a whole making you stay in the loop forever. Although, it is common for doubts to enter your mind and knock on your door, make sure that you don’t let it stay for too long. The key to remotely stepping on the stone to success is to stop whiling away your time on unnecessary or less productive emotions. If you want your body to do something, make sure that you try hard to make this possible, by paying no heed to such negative thoughts. Believing that you can do it comes first before doing anything productive. 

Using these fitness advice lead down by our personal trainers in Wilmslow will give you a better and clear picture of your fitness goals. If you’re struggling hard to get where you want in the world of fitness and physical strength, get in touch with our personal trainers at Alchemy. 

About The Author

Alchemy PT is one of the leading personal trainers in the UK. They are based in the central Wilmslow having the best pieces of equipment and amenities where you can conduct an extensive and varied workout. They also have other facilities other than personal training which helps in engaging with others, guiding them to reach their fitness goals.