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Saturday, April 6th 2019. | Writing

The body of a writing should first connect with the introduction given. The flow of the body should go smoothly and should provide proofs and points on what you want your reader to know. Make sure that you get to make your point.

The title of the writing should obviously be related to the topic at hand. Moreover, it should also be interesting enough to read since having readers to read your writing would depend on the title if it boosts the interest of some people. This is the reason why it would be important to ponder on the title. One thing that you could do is to choose a title after doing the whole writing. This would give you more time to think of a good title for your writing.

The conclusion and recommendation part of the essay would decide on what the writing is really all about. It should also provide the reader with a strong impression that should stick with the reader after reading the writing. Making a great impression on the conclusion is also important since it would influence the effectiveness of your essay.

The introduction of a writing could be made using different strategies. You can quote someone famous, use a line of a song, use a cliche quote or even start with a solid fact or findings. The introduction would also be influential to the readers since it would give them an impression on what type of writer you are and what type of article they are reading. Be sure to set a good impression with the introduction.

Expressing oneself is at its best when you make use of mediums for your thoughts to be expressed. One of the best mediums is by doing some writing. Not only do you get to express yourself but you also get to exercise your creativity & improve your communication skills specifically writing. However, though it may be a good avenue for expressing oneself, it is not as easy as it seems. There are some things that you need to learn and remember for your writing to be effective enough.